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Cost Effective Solution

MyAuthentic8 is the only choice for a cost effective solution to eradicate any counterfeiting of your brand. We provide a solution which provides complete Track and Traceability, Digital Serialisation and Authenticity. Our system provides a complete audit trail from your Factories, Distributors, Warehouses, Retailers & Consumers ensuring complete peace of mind, safety and security.

1. New Innovation

2. Multi-Layer Security

3. Efficient & Effective


Skills in Motion

The team behind MyAuthentic8 have a diverse range of talents, their combined skills created a unique and dedicated attitude to solving the scourge known as Counterfeiting.

Our Management Team consists of:-

An Electro-Mechanical Engineer who has solved problems around the world and is the holder of, or named on several patents. Our engineer is the designing force behind MyAuthentic8 and is known for simple, elegant and above all, efficient solutions to a whole range of engineering problems.

The sales and marketing team is headed by a highly motivated and successful sales executive who has a proven track record across a range of industries from dietary supplements to IT equipment. Being employed in these differing markets, one constant fact has always been the presence of counterfeit goods.

We have an international programmer who has joined our team. His position is to run the IT department. He has a wide experience in all forms of graphics and secure data handling. He is ensuring that all aspects of the design exceeds the requirements of our customers. In conjunction with some of the most sophisticated IT equipment of it's kind, he is ensuring counterfeit goods will soon be a distant memory.

Finally our Legal and Administrative department is run by an internationally respected intellectual Property Lawyer. Having just released her latest book, her attention is firmly focussed on the global protection of IP. Her experience allows us to integrate MyAuthentic8 into our customers' businesses seamlessly.