What is Counterfeited

It is not just tobacco that is at risk from counterfeiting, almost every item you can imagine from Aspirin to Zippo Lighters and everything between. Counterfeit items are the most common and most insidious drain on our lives and economy. For example counterfeit medicines currently account for over one million deaths per year, 40% higher than the annual death toll during the Vietnam War.

Is Counterfeiting a Safety Concern

Damien Doherty of Trading Standards Service said: "In the past, counterfeit car parts were mainly non-safety items such as window wipers, mud flaps and car interior accessories.

"Now, counterfeit items such as brake pads, brake shoes, suspension components and steering linkages are readily available on the market."

Businesses or individuals involved in selling counterfeit car parts are being warned they will have their goods seized and face prosecution with the maximum penalty being ten years' imprisonment.

Retailers are you Aware

If you are involved in selling, making, advertising, distributing fake goods which infringe a registered trade mark or breach copyright you are committing a criminal offence.

If you have not had the permission of a trade mark holder or copyright holder to use a mark, symbol or a piece of work, you commit an offence when you use it.

Where you stand to make a financial gain from selling fake goods and as a result cause a loss to the legitimate owner of the trade mark or work, you commit an offence.

The legislation:

Watch these must see infomercials, and understand how counterfeiters are effecting your life!