How it works!

MyAuthentic8 works by use of a small security mark. This mark can be as little as 15 millimetres square (9/16th).

This can be applied or directly printed or stamped onto the item to be sold. Then scanned using an A8 SmartAPP on a mobile device

By using a specialist language, also know as A8 programming Language (A8PL for short) this means that the security is not just based on conventional security, but also based on a unique coding method.

This is then confirmed through our own secure server system to provide accurate data as to the provenance and legitimacy of sale.

Working for you

Whether you are a consumer, a manufacturer, retailer or national government, MyAuthentic8 benefits everyone. From providing safe and quality tested goods, removing the financial drain caused by illicit trade and increasing everyone's standard of living.

“If you make a single business or consumer decision this year, ensure that decision is to embrace MyAuthentic8 the only cure for the global pandemic known as Counterfeiting.

MyAuthentic8 apps and camera systems are available for the General Public, Law Enforcement, Manufacturers, Distributors and Health Care Professionals; but custom software can be provided to provide custom information within the guidelines of Data Protection Act 1988.


The Benefits are immediate for everyone.The benefits include, but are not restricted to:-

• Validity of the Vendor

• The Validity of the Product

• The Safety and Security of the Consumer

• Active Market Data

This has the effect of increasing customer loyalty to a brand, manufacturer and even loyalty to the retail environment.

Counterfeit products currently wipe out over £9 Billion per year from the UK economy. MyAuthentic8 eliminates this loss, providing much needed revenue for all countries and increasing investment in this time of austerity.